Tips On Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is a commitment between a man and a woman, where they promise to get married in the near future. The engagement process differs from one society to another.

In some African societies, an emissary is sent by the groom-to-be to make a proposal to the prospective bride’s uncle or relatives.

By contrast, in most western societies only those in the relationship are involved in the process. The common feature in engagements all around the globe is that there is a promise that binds the relationship and is supposed to lead to marriage.

In most communities, marriage is highly valued and therefore an engagement is a commitment that should not be taken lightly by those in the relationship. If you are planning to get engaged, you should take your time and not rush into decisions.

Some Things To Consider Before Getting Engaged

Timing is an important thing to consider when planning to get engaged. Whether you are a man or a woman, ensure you can take care of yourself both financially and physically before you get engaged; this helps you to avoid being overly dependent on the partner. Being overly dependant can cause issues in the relationship.

Take some time to be sure you fully understand your potential mate before proposing. This gives you a chance to know his or her shortcomings and be sure you can cope with their idiosyncrasies.

You should be introduced to his or her family prior to getting engaged. And they should spend time getting to know your family. In doing this you will have an opportunity to understand the family dynamic, how your potential spouse was raised and how well everyone will get along in the future.

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Finally, you should make the proposal only after you have extensively discussed those crucial topics of life e.g. children, career, religion, finances and family values. These are essential discussions that could lead to breakup in the future if you neglect talking about them now.

Planning For The Engagement

How are you going to plan for the actual engagement? It is very important that you save as you prepare to make this lasting promise to your partner. The need for proper planning is critical since an engagement is very expensive if you do it right. Think of that perfect setting and the ideal ring for your partner; this will not come cheaply. What this means is that you should take time to shop around for that affordable, but tasteful ring for your partner. Booking in advance for your dinner venue is advisable since it not only saves last minute hassles and embarrassing moments if you cant get reservations where you want.

How will you deliver the proposal? This is something else you will need to prepare for when you decide to get engaged. You might consider rehearsing a short speech, but it should have a personal touch. In the days leading up to the engagement you should take notice of the attributes of your partner that make them so special to you. The whole process can make you realize that your perfect partner is not so perfect after all; but who is perfect, really? Finally, make sure your proposal doesnt sound like a marketing strategy. Just speak from your heart and the chips fall where they may i.e. will you marry me?

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