Chunky Turquoise Dangle Earrings

Chunky Turquoise Dangle Earrings

Welcome to another video brought to you by
KeepsakeCrafts.Net and AllFreeJewelryMaking.Com. Today we'll be making this very interesting,
funky pair of earrings with these turquoise nuggets and some bead dangles. The fun thing
about these earrings is that you can change out the beads you use and get just about any
look you desire. So to make these earrings, first you'll need
to start with two focal beads.

I've picked two turquoise nuggets from a strand of beads
just trying to find two beads that were roughly similar in size and shape and then also two
beads to go on top to contrast. For the dangles you'll need six beads and then six smaller
beads and you can choose whatever you want, matching or contrast. You'll also need six
head pins, two eye pins, which have loops at the end and two ear wires. For tools, you'll
need two pair of chain nose pliers, a pair of round nose pliers and a pair of wire cutters.

So let's get started! The first thing we'll
do is slide our focal bead onto an eye pin, the one with the loop at the bottom and then
also slide your contrast bead onto that and that is the main part of your earring. Go
ahead and grab that eye pin right above the contrast bead with the tips of your chain
nose pliers and then bend it over at a 90 degree angle, just like that. Then put down
your chain nose pliers, pick up your round nose pliers, grab right in that loop, excuse
me, that bend that you just made with the round part of your pliers and bend your loop
up and over the round part of your pliers. The closer you are to your tip on the plier,
the smaller the loop will be.

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And you can only go about this far so you want to pull
out your round nose pliers and reposition them so that the bottom tip is inside the
loop and that way you can continue the wrap, continue the loop, like this. That looks a
little wonky right now, but we'll be able to straighten it out in a minute. Just kind
of tuck your pliers in there and straighten it out. If you point that remaining end, this
works especially well if you're right handed, point that remaining end to the left and then
grab your wire cutters.

You'll cut the excess wire right where it crosses over the first
part of the loop. Be careful to just cut that part so you don't cut off any part of your
loop. Use the flat part of your round nose pliers to straighten it out. This one is particularly
not round, so I'll probably spend a little bit of time later just straightening it out.
The most important thing is that this cut end meets itself so you have a secure closure
so it's not going to go anywhere.

So there's the first part of our earring. Then for the dangles that are going to hang
from this loop at the bottom, you want to use a head pin and string on one of your small
beads. A seed bead actually would be ideal here and then string on another bead and repeat
the process. Grab with your chain nose pliers, bend at a 90 degree angle, grab with round
nose pliers, bend over, make a loop, trim off the excess and this is actually, these
are really long head pins by the way.

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These are 3" long head pins. That's the only size
I can find locally, this antique gold color so I would save this to use for other kinds
of wire wrapping projects by the way. So you're going to go ahead and make two units like
this for your two earrings and you'll make six like this for the dangles. So once you've
done that, come back and we'll finish up our earrings.

So now here I've made the bead dangles. You
can see over here I've actually completed one earring so let me complete the second
one for you. I've made the bead dangles and you just need to open them up the same way
you would a jump ring. You don't want to pull this out like this.

That weakens the metal.
You want to grab the loose side, the side that's got the cut edge and twist it just enough
so that you can pop it on the eye side of the eye pin underneath your focal bead and
then twist it back in place and this is the best way to add bead dangles to anything.
The only more secure way would be to do some wire wrapping, which is a little more complicated
and we'll cover that in another video, but for these earrings, this is sufficient. Put
it through your eye pin. I like using my nice small chain nose pliers to do these because
I can get in there with those tiny tips and then here's the last one. Grab that edge that's
cut, twist it out just a little bit and I.

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Want to put it on that head pin and try not
to catch the other loops otherwise they won't dangle quite as freely. Close it up and then the final step is to
take your ear wire and do the same thing. Open it up by twisting the free end out. Oops,

Am I going to break this one? I might. Uh-oh. Well that will explain why it wasn't
working. There we go! Pop that through the loop you made in your focal bead and honestly,
I would be, I would not sell a pair of earrings that I had just twisted that many times.

would get another ear wire and redo it, but here are your earrings and you can see that
just by adding a few elements, you've got a pretty fancy pair of earrings. So let's take another close up look at these
earrings. I hope you've enjoyed this video and that you'll give this technique a try
with beads of your choice. Consider all of the different possibilities.

And if you're
interested in lots of different crafting and sewing and jewelry ideas and inspiration,
please be sure to check out KeepsakeCrafts.Net. Thanks for watching. Bye bye..

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