Impractical Jokers – The Heat Is OntruTV

Impractical Jokers - The Heat Is OntruTV

  And, gentlemen, your punishment's very easy.    All you got to do is sell
 this beautiful turquoise ring. Yeah.    We got you dressed up
 in your Sunday finest.

  You're gonna go
 into your office    and just make some cold calls
and sell this ring.  Cold-call the hell out of it,   gentlemen.  Yeah. Oh, you can't leave the room    till it's sold.

[ Laughter ]  Oh, you got
 to be [bleep] me.   Oh, my God.  Joe: There she is —
 the jewel.   Nobody's going to
 buy that.

Whoa, it's [bleep] hot
in here. It is hot!   Oh, wait.
You guys are cold?    [ Lamps buzzing ]  Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!  It got like 100 degrees
hotter immediately!  No, no, no!    What is this?!   Gentlemen,
  I hate to point this out,  but it's only gonna
get hotter in the room.  Joe: You better get to work.   Murr: This is smart —
 they're calling Manhattan.

Yep. Uh…   Hurry up.  I don't know.

[ Dial tone ]  Ah, geez.    The dial tone comes up quick.  They can't think of numbers
fast enough.   3-1-6-0.

They can't think of numbers
fast enough. It's ringing. Do you want me to join in?
I'll wait. I'll wait.

we'll both go.   You bring me on
as your manager.   [ Beeping ]  [ Laughter ] Murr:
It's a fax machine!  Oh!   Oh, my God!
  This is gonna take hours.   Hi.

This is Aidan.  Aidan, how are you?
Oh, my God.  I'm so glad to talk to you.
 My name's Brian Quinn.  I'm calling from the Staten
 Island Turquoise Ring Company.

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Okay.  Listen to me. We're —
The holidays are coming.    We're — We're firing
 off these tur–    We're firing off these — I'm gonna put
  my manager on.

Hi, Aidan.
This is Sal Vulcano.  We are cold-calling
turquoise rings today for sale
for the holidays.  That's okay.
 I'm really not interested. Oh, but you haven't heard —
 it's from the Philippines.

 Aides, baby — Why did I call him "Aides"? Aidan? Aidan?    We lost Aidan. Well, at least you got somebody
on the phone, boys — progress.  Por favor de… [ Laughter ]    It's over 125.

our flesh is expanding.  This is the pizzeria I used
when I was a child.    You guys are getting desperate.  Man #3: Ambrosino's.

Hey, Ambrosino's.  Oh, my God.   This is amazing. This is Brian Quinn.

I order
from you guys all the time.  I'm on that TV show
  "Impractical Jokers."   Q, what's going on, buddy?
  How's everything?    Hey, how you doing?    Murr: Oh, my God! Wow.   This could work.   Listen, man,  I have an overabundance  of turquoise rings, and I know   that Ambrosino's Pizza is my favorite pizza
on Staten Island — the best pizza, man.
Great stuff.

 Yeah, and I see you in here
all the time. I know. Great, so, what happened   is Sal and I.   Came in the possession
of a surplus of turquoise rings.

I'm unloading them for the low,
  low price of $19.99. Mike,
that's 1-9-9-niner.  Wow,
  that's a bargain.   You're damn right    it is.

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 And guess what —
we can deliver it. We can deliver it today. We can
deliver it to someone's house.   We can deliver it
 to someone's job.

Residential,   office building. [ Indistinct shouting ]  Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay.   They got it!  We're just very happy, 'cause we've been trying
to sell it all day, so…   Oh, my God!  Wait.

I'm the only guy that's
bought — that's buying on this?    All right, so,
  $19.99.    Oh, wait. Hold on. Listen.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Hold on. Whoa.  'Cause now you got me
 a little wary here. Yeah!  What could we do — What could we do to prove to you
that this is real, Mike?  Uh…

Think about it —  why would I call this pizzeria unless it was the Q that
comes in there all the time? Also, didn't you say
what you always order?   I ordered
a hot cherry pepper. On top of that, I don't care
whether I buy a dollar slice   or a $20 pizza —  I'm throwing money
 in that tip jar.    You know that.  All right, Q, listen,  just 'cause you said
the hot cherry pepper,   I'm gonna do it it for you,

 Yes!    Yes! Yes! Yes!  Okay!  No! No! Oh, there they go.   Damn it!.

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