Turquoise & Seed Bead Dangle Earrings Tutorial

Turquoise & Seed Bead Dangle Earrings Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another video brought
to you by AllFreeJewelryMaking.Com and KeepsakeCrafts.Net. Today I'm going to show you how to make these
cute summery dangle earrings. I like the summery combination of the turquoise and the white,
but you could certainly make them for any season in any colors you want. Stay tuned
and I'll show you how to do it.

So to make these earrings, you will need two
ear wires, six head pins, two focal beads of your choice and a bunch of seed beads.
I just put a pile here. I won't even need this many. For tools you'll need two pairs
of chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and a pair of wire cutters and it's that simple. So the first step is to take one of your head
pins and slide on a single seed bead, slide on your focal bead and then slide on several
more seed beads.

Sometimes it's nice to have them on a little mat like this so you can
just pop them on. It depends on the size of your focal beads. I think that looks pretty
good proportionally. The next thing we're going to do is go ahead and grab the head
pin about 1/2" or so above the last seed bead and give it a bend to make a 90 degree bend.
Just like that.

Then use your round nose pliers, tuck it right in that bend and go ahead and
wrap and you'll only be able to go so far with your wrap and then just change positions
with your round nose pliers. Finish the wrap. You can see I actually went a little too far
in that wrap and I'm not going to end up with a nice round loop, so let's try that again.
Undo it, shift the position of the round nose pliers and now you can see I have a nice round
loop. Use your pliers to cut off the excess head pin and then you can see how that loop
kind of goes off to the side.

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Just use your round nose pliers and straighten it out. Use
the flat part to flatten that out a little bit and there's one of your dangles for your
earrings. For the next size down, we're just going to
thread on several seed beads and it really is personal choice. I like to do one with
about 8-10 and one with about 4 or so.

I'll be back when I've got that done because you
don't want to watch me threading seed beads. Okay I'm back. I went ahead and threaded 10
seed beads on two other head pins and 5 seed beads on two more. I also went ahead and finished
the loops on all of them except this last one so I could show you one more time how
it's done.

Go ahead and grab the head pin just above the last seed bead. Bend it to
a 90 degree angle, hold on to it right in that bend with your round nose pliers nice
and tight, nice tight grip. Wrap it around, when you can't go any further, shift the position
of your round nose pliers and then finish that bend. You might notice that there's a
pair of wire cutters on my round nose pliers, but I don't ever use them because you can
see by the bevel that the cut's a good 1/16" below the level and so I wouldn't be able
to get a nice close cut.

That's why I like to use these so that I get a nice close cut.
So then you can just use your round nose pliers and straighten that out. Of course how many seed beads you use depends
on the size of the focal bead that you use. So now go ahead and open up the loop for your
ear wire and string on one dangle of each length and close up the loop of the ear wire
and that's really all there is to it. Repeat to finish your second earring and enjoy.

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I hope you've enjoyed this project. Here's
another look. Be sure to stop by KeepsakeCrafts.Net for more ideas and inspiration in not just
jewelry making, but sewing and all kinds of other crafts. Thanks for watching.

Have a great day. Bye

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