Turquoise Tassel Necklace Tutorial

Turquoise Tassel Necklace Tutorial

Hi there. Welcome to another jewelry making
video at my YouTube channel and my blog. Sandy here. Today we're going to be making this
necklace with a beaded tassel.

It's much simpler than you might think and very trendy right
now. So to make this necklace, you will need to
choose some smallish beads for your tassel. They can be round beads, they can be seed
beads, cultured pearls. What I have here today are just some small turquoise chips.

Now this
is the way they come. They come strung on some plastic strand and we're going to have
to string quite a few of them so I have a little trick for you. Here's my bead stringing
wire and I've left it on the spool and what you can do is string a whole bunch all at
once, so if you want 16 tassels that are 2" long, you can string your 32" of turquoise
beads all at once onto your bead stringing wire, but I'll show you a great little trick
to make this go a bit faster. Rather than dumping them off this strand and then having
to string them one by one and of course where these are chips you've got to turn them bout
and find the hole, what you can do is grasp what you can between the thumb and index finger
of your non-dominant hand.

So four of these is good. Just pinch them right in between
those two fingers and then you can take your bead stringing wire and sometimes you can
get all four of them, sometimes it will hit the hole and go right through all of them,
but you have them all picked up and you don't have to do that turning about to string them
on. So string all of the beads that you need onto your bead stringing wire and then you
want to take a look at your bead cap and any sort of bead cap will do. This one's a little
bit open.

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I wouldn't choose one that had much more open space than this because we really
don't want to see the wire on the inside and so I've decided about 1 3/4" is good for my
strands. You're just going to put a crimp on your wire
and use crimping pliers or I'm going to use the One Step Crimper to flatten that near
the end. Check and make sure that's nice and then slide down as many beads as you need
for the length of your tassel. Next we need to make a nice sharp bend in
this wire so I'm going to grasp it not quite 1/4" above that last bead with chain nose
pliers and I'm going to bend it really sharply and kind of be hard on it here.

Bend it over
the angle in the pliers and then take out the pliers and grab it. Kind of give it a
twist and a squeeze and you want to do that until those wires are folded in half. Then
use your pliers to pick up a crimp. Don't squeeze too hard and you can just stuff it
right over that loop and then just go ahead and crimp that crimping bead.

Now if that
hole is a little smooshed and it might be, you can go ahead and take an awl and kind
of go in there and open it up a little and then slide down the other side of your beads.
So trim off the wire to about 1" beyond the last bead. You just want something that you
can hold onto. Slide on another crimp and flatten that. Check both your end crimps and
make sure they're nice and secure and then just trim off that wire right below each crimp.

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And now make as many of these units as you
would like for your tassel. I made a total of 8 for 16 dangles and now I'll show you
how to make this piece that goes inside the bead cap. Start with a nice long head pin.
If you don't have a 3" long head pin, just use a piece of wire and bend up one end so
that it will just make a stop before your beads. Take a look at your bead cap, measure

This is about 11mm so I'm going to use the 7mm bail making pliers. Place the head
pin right in there and then twist until you have a full circle, just like that and then
go ahead and grab that circle right where it meets and bend it up so it's perpendicular
to your loop and then go ahead and bend that so that it's laying right across the circle
and then grasp that straight piece one more time right at the center of the circle and
bend it up. It kind of looks like one of those old fashioned shower curtain rings and now
it's on this and I have one here that I already started that you can string your little loops
of your dangle units that you made. At this point you can string on your bead
cap and I just pulled out a couple of decorations for above the bead cap, a saucer spacer, a
round bead and the little bead cap and then go ahead and make a wrapped loop here and
if you don't know how to make a wrapped loop, you can check out my video on how to make
a wrapped loop and once your wrapped loop is done, there you have your tassel pendant.

Now you can string this however you like.
You can do it very simply on a piece of cord, but what I did was I gathered up a bunch more
of these round beads that I though went well with my tassel beads plus a couple of big
spacers and I put them all on pieces of wire with simple loops and if you'd like to learn
how to make simple loops you can check out my Friday Findings video on that. I just connected
them all together into a chain and then I. Added a piece of chain that I found at the
craft store. I added a jump ring on one end and a lobster clasp on the other and now I'm
just going to make this be a symmetrical chain.

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However I wasn't really happy with the way
this hung, so I'm just going to make one little change here. I'm going to undo this jump ring
here and connect to this large oval link to the other end of this figure eight piece and
that will make it hang a bit more nicely and then you just need a jump ring to attach your
tassel to this component and there it is all done. For links to tools and materials used in this
project you can click here to go to the accompanying blog post. So here's another look at the project
we made today.

Tassels are big right now and using beads to make them is a really fun way
to do it. Thanks so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts'
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